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2 Piece White - Breast and Wing

3 Piece White - 2 Breast and a Wing

3 Piece Wing

2 Piece Dark - Thigh and Leg

3 Piece Dark - 2 Thighs and Leg

3 Tenders

Half Chicken - 1 of Each Piece


Seasonal Specials: Gus's locations may offer different Seasonal Specials. Please click on a Gus's location under our "Locations" page for a list of Seasional Specials.


[Includes Chicken and White Bread]

Individual Pieces

2 Piece White

2 Piece Dark

8 Piece

12 Piece

16 Piece

20 Piece

[Make It A Meal With Baked Beans and Slaw Too!]


Baked Beans

Potato Salad

Cole Slaw

Seasoned Fries

Fried Rice

Mac &  Cheese

Whole Jalepeno

Ranch Dressing

NOTE: Sides may vary by location. Please click on a Gus's location under our "Locations" page to download a specific menu.