MEM-Downtown-tipperty topperty fried chicken experience

I had seen this place on some travel shows and in guide books and we decided we needed to give it a try.

We went at about 7.45. The queue was long and there were people waiting outside when we arrived so we feared the worst, especially as ours was a party of 7.

The line moves quickly as a lot of people seem to be there for take aways. The helpful lady behind the counter took our name, said it would be a 30-40 minute wait and issued our drinks which we look outside. To our pleasant surprise our name was called over the intercom within 15 minutes – under promise and over deliver – always better that way around.

We decided to go for their equivalent of the colonels bargain bucket – 20 pieces of chicken, plus sides and we also ordered some tenders to go with these and the waitress confirmed that we had ordered plenty.

Simply delicious, succulent, nicely spiced fried chicken arrived, as far away from a bargain bucket as you can get. The sides went down well too and everyone in the party agreed this was a holiday highlight.

We were all done and gone within an hour, feeling pleasantly full.