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Gus’s president Wendy McCrory said Wednesday she expects it to triple its number of locations in the near future. “[We’ll grow at a pace of] maybe six to 10 stores a year. … If we had a year where no stores open, that would be okay, too,” McCrory said. “[But] I would be surprised if we didn’t have 60 stores [in the next five years].”

What makes Gus’s chicken so perfect? It starts with the skin, which is deep-fried to the color of bourbon while remaining brittle, with the crunch of an eggshell. Then lurking below that crunch is a subterranean flesh so moist and tender that it almost defies reality. While the textural interplays are superb, the flavors are even better, as a bold saline note underlines all that amiable spice.

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we picked Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. It’s located just off I-75 which means easy off and easy on, and that’s a must when you’re road trippin’. Point blank, Gus’s rocks!

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